Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm inspired by the desire to accomplish some of my goals to do something I thought I never  But I'm joining the others who want to make these last days of 2011 count, so here goes.....


1.  Finish cleaning out garage in anticipation of the move.

2.  Make at least half my Christmas gifts from craft supplies on hand.

3.  Decorate patio with new plants.

4.  Clean out email files.

5.  Complete Internet Organizer.

6.  Plan and budget for vacation of 2012.

7.  Commit a Random Act of Kindness once a week.

8.  Apply for copyright on newest songs.

9.  Try 3 new entree recipes.

10.  Complete at least one new scrapbook page.

11.  Clean out laundry room.

12.  Watch 3 Disney movies I've never seen before.

This seems daunting, but if I shoot for the moon and land among the stars, I'm still a lot better off than if I never left the launching pad, right?  Wish me luck!